1 on 1 with 2022 Phenom Dior Johnson, He talks a battle with Lebron James Jr and his recruitment



Dior Johnson is the top player in the 2022 basketball class by many. He is tough, explosive and takes on any challenge. He has offers from major D1 schools already and more will come. He is 6-3 160 and plays for Saugerties high school in Saugerties, New York. He has all the tools to be not only a college star but an NBA star even NBA player Emmanuel Mudiay said he is a “one and done” type player. He is a definite stock riser and will only get better, I had a talk with the Phenom about the future, his recruitment and how it would be to have a classic battle with 2023 Phenom LeBron James Jr.



LJ: At what age did you start playing basketball?


Dior: the age of 2


LJ: What player do you idolize in the NBA?


Dior: Definitely Russell Westbrook.


LJ: I have been on record saying to see you and LeBron James Jr. play would be a classic matchup. What do you think of LeBron James Jr?




Dior:(Laughs) He’s a good player Real good for his age he will be special but I’m not having it extreme trouble will come his way.


LJ: What did you average this past season high school season?


Dior: 31 points per game.


LJ: You have opened a lot of eyes during AAU. What was your most standout game in AAU? What were your stats in that game?


Dior: I had 30 one game which was vs the truth on the EYBL circuit, lots of scouts were at that one


LJ: What has been your toughest opponent to play against at this stage?


Dior: Nobody has made it tough for me on the 2022 level yet, But 17s for sure, playing guys like Cole Anthony and Kyree Walker.



LJ: What teams have been showing the most interest? Do you plan to take any visits soon?


Dior: For sure Buffalo which was my first offer so you know always will be in my options Coaching staff is amazing there, TCU, Memphis Florida State, and LSU


LJ: What school would be your “dream offer”?


Dior:  Honestly I don’t really have one I want to go somewhere I can play and not be held back


LJ: How much work do you put into your game?


Dior: A lot I work out every day unless I’m injured.


LJ: What will coaches see that has improved from you this upcoming season?


Dior: Passing, Body language, Speed, aggressiveness.


LJ: New York is a basketball state. What have you learned from playing in such a legendary basketball state?


Dior: To be competitive, No basketball is like the gritty New York


L: Have you played in Rucker Park yet? Do you plan too?


Dior: no and I don’t plan to, but I will stop by Dyckman tonight.


LJ: What about your game needs to improve?


Dior: Finishing Left hand


LJ: LeBron James Jr vs Dior Johnson. What type of game would that be?


Dior: Packed sold out hyped all over social media But I promise. I’ll have the last laugh


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