1 on 1 with 2020 talented prospect Jeron Artest, son of former NBA star Ron Artest,

Jeron Artest is a talented 2020 point guard prospect who recently reclassified to from the 2019 class. He has rose his stock since the reclassification and is a name to watch for the 2020 class we talked about his recruitment, lessons his dad has taught him and more


LJ: I talked to you and your brother Ron Last season. How have you two been? Do you still have a good relationship? How is Ron?


Jeron: We’re doing great. It was fun to play with him a few times when he was at Hillcrest with me. We are having a good summer and we are getting to play with each other in various men’s leagues to get better and see where we are at with our game.


LJ: I see you man I’m proud of you. You have made some serious strides your name is out ringing bells. What about your game has improved the most that makes you such a better player.


Jeron: My athleticism has improved the most along with my decision making, making me a more complete player and ready for the next chapters of my journey. The weight room helped tremendously, and I’m always in the gym working on new stuff and keeping my shooting and handles fine-tuned.


LJ: This past basketball season what were your stats?


Jeron: For my first national schedule I averaged 12 pts, 5 rebs, 3 asts, and 2 steals and will definitely double or triple that this upcoming season.


LJ: You recently competed in the Double Pump Spring Hoop fest? What were your stats in those games you played?


Jeron: I remember scoring over 20 in each of those games.


LJ: What schools have been showing you the most interest? What visits do you have coming up?


Jeron: Stanford, Cal, West Virginia, Nevada, St. Louis, Iowa, Butler, ASU, San Diego State, New Mexico, Utah, Air Force, Princeton. I had unofficial visits to Stanford and Cal.


LJ: What made you reclassify to the 2020 class?


Jeron: I was born in the month of Feb and was always a year ahead in school while everyone else I knew reclassified to be ranked before going to high school. So now I am playing in my correct class and not missing opportunities. Scouts and coaches mentioned it and felt it was the right decision.


LJ: How has your dad been? What has he taught you to help you improve your game?


Jeron: He’s doing well. He teaches me a lot of workouts for my conditioning. He always tells me about how I got to condition my body to make decisions to not burn out. He is also always concerned about my longevity in the game so he teaches me about my anatomy. A big part of basketball he teaches me are the things on the court against other players.


LJ: I have heard your dad’s alma mater St. John’s is showing you interest. What have they told you?


Jeron: They are keeping close contact with us.



LJ: Are they a high program on your list of schools?


Jeron: St Johns is an awesome program in New York where I spent the first half of my childhood and still have good friends. I would say they are high on my list.


LJ: What schools do you plan to visit in the future?


Jeron: Some PAC 12, Big 12, Big East, and ACC schools


LJ: Do you have a dream offer?


Jeron: A school with a great history.


LJ: What about your game makes you an impact point guard? Do you feel you can impact a team right away?


Jeron: I am able to stretch the floor and stop whatever guard is on the other team. Doing that is always impactful for any team I play on. It gets me or my teammates open.


LJ: What offers do you have? What teams that haven’t offered are showing interest?


Jeron: I have an offer from Wyoming, where Larry Nance went. A lot of schools have shown interest that me or my coaches have spoken to.


LJ: When do you feel you will commit to a school?


Jeron: I will commit when I find the right school for me to thrive as an athlete and person with a Coach and School who love what they do.


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