Kevin Ware speaks out on Louisville losing ’13 championship



Those are just two words to describe National Championship guard Kevin Ware.

After going through one of the most painful injuries in all of sports Ware was an inspiration to his team back in 2013, he was motivation, Louisville made that run and push not only because of the team’s talent but also to bring a championship home for their fallen teammate.

Two days ago the NCAA upheld Louisville’s appeal and forced the team to forfeit 123 wins including 2013 national championship.

“I don’t see what the NCAA is trying to prove by taking away a championship from guys that weren’t involved and only played and won that championship,” Ware said.

We spoke with Ware on losing the title, his former coach, and his recruitment to Louisville.

Thoughts on getting your championship stripped, all that hard work just for them to take it away.

Ware: I feel like everyone that was legally documented to be involved should be punished. I don’t see what the NCAA is trying to prove by taking away a championship from guys that weren’t involved and only played and won that championship. Even with coach P, there’s no evidence of him being involved.

How was your recruitment to Louisville?

Ware: My recruitment started late with Louisville because I was originally going to UCF once Bruce Pearl was fired from Tennessee. he and Andre McGee came to my home’ sat and talked with me and my mother. Later that month I went for an official visit stayed until Sunday and it was a really normal visit. Went out to dinner, walked the campus/saw the gym and was leaving Sunday morning heading home.

Describe what your relationship was like with Coach Pitino?

Ware: I looked at him as a mentor more than anything else. He was a great guy, between the lines he was a bat out of hell but off the court the complete opposite.

Do you believe coach Pitino is innocent?

Ware: Of course. From everything I’ve heard, seen, and witnessed with my eyes he’s as innocent as all of us are.

Your team was drawn to inspiration after your injury, what’s your message to the NCAA about the 2013 season?

Ware: You can’t erase history. U can’t erase all we accomplished. You can’t knock Rick’s legacy by trying to put blame on the head man in charge. That’s what offends me the most with this, that this team made the most special memory in my entire life and for them to try and cause damage such as taking our title, only offends me.

Is Kevin Ware and the Louisville Cardinals the 2013 national champs?

Ware: RICK PITINO and the Louisville Cardinals are 2013 national champions just ask Jay Bilas.

Why Jay Bilas?

Ware: His points on sports are always valid in my opinion, but He understands how foolish this banner situation is.

After releasing this tweet Ware went on Twitter to announce he’s releasing this t-shirt:



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