’19 Brandon Stone talks recruitment

Just months ago 2019 Brandon Stone, the 6-10 forward out of Southmoreland high school was getting looked at by some low-d1 schools and the exception of some major-d1’s. Stone then decided to take his talents elsewhere as he transferred to Christ School, one of the top prep schools in North Carolina.

Christ School was home of 23 D1 Grads, including Miles and Mason Plumlee. Once Stone got to Christ School his stock sky rocketed, and he got tons of looks.

I spoke to Stone about his recruitment in this week’s edition of Stock Risers: Recruiting Roundup.


So how has your recruiting been in your opinion?


It’s really picked up in the past couple weeks. It was mostly just low-mid majors until I️ transferred to Christ School with the exception of a few high majors.


What schools have offered and stayed in contact after offering you?


South Carolina, Houston, Pittsburgh, Penn State, Kansas State, Saint Joseph’s, Duquesne, Robert Morris, Youngstown State, Bowling Green, Canisius, Mount St. Mary’s, Appalachian State, Stony Brook, and Central Connecticut State offered me.


Which coaches have stayed in contact the most?


South Carolina, Houston, Pitt, Kansas State, and Saint Joseph’s


Can you describe all five schools, what stands out about them?


South Carolina: I have a great relationship with the staff at South Carolina and they’ve expressed their interest in me very frequently.

Houston: I also have a great relationship with the coaches at Houston. Houston stands out because I have family there and I’m originally from Texas.

Pittsburgh: Pitt is very cool because I grew up a big fan and I’m from the area so my family could watch me play.

Kansas State: I talk with Coach Frazier from Kansas State regularly and he lets me know all the time that they want me to come in and replace Dean Wade.

Saint Joes: I had a great conversation with Coach Martelli from Saint Joes when I visited and he’s one of the best coaches I’ve talked to and met.


I don’t have any dates set up yet but I know I’m going to make it up to Indiana, Purdue, Duke, and Kansas State soon.


Wake Forest, Indiana, Purdue, NC State, Tulsa, West Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas.

Stone is quietly emerging as one of the best bigs in his area and could draw tons of offers very soon.

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