Stock Market Q&A: ’21 Terrence Clarke

2021’s Terrence Clarke 6-foot-5 wing from The Rivers School out of Weston, MA.

The 2021 wing has taken the basketball community by storm, super athlete, crazy basketball IQ, the kid is a star.

I caught up with Terrence as we spoke about his recruitment, his game, and his favorite NBA players.


How has the recruitment process been going?


The recruiting process is going well as of now. Schools are starting to contact, check in and show big interests with letters, appearances and more. Schools like UConn, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Tulane and Indiana have been big on me with offers or letters of encouragement. Mostly have lots of interests with them probably going to be offers as I grow in my high school years.


What schools would you like to hear from?


I would like to hear from any school in the country because it gives me a bigger and broader range of schools but that isn’t my main focus. Right now I’m trying to stay level headed, on top of my game and big on the academics for colleges to see me as a phenomenal prospect. That’ll be the main step in making my recruiting process huge and positive.


How is your body physically, what kind of shape are you in?


Physically, my body isn’t to great but it is getting better. I’m starting to get into the weight room to do light weights and to fill in to have muscle for the year playing up on the EYBL level and high school varsity level. This can give me a huge boost to being a x-factor on the court.


Top-5 players in your class?


In my class, top 5 players, in no order, are Jonathan Kuminga, Trey Patterson, Zion Harmon, Moussa Cisse & myself.


How did EYBL impact you as a player?


Playing 15s throughout the EYBL year and finishing out playing 17s for the rest of spring showed me there is a lot to work on. EYBL has made me more wiser and intelligent in the game. My IQ has raised higher and mentality of the game has grew. Also, the pace of the game, skill levels, and physicality has gave me more obstacles to work on and perfect.


Favorite NBA player?


My favorite NBA player is Kevin Durant. He’s a 7’ guard and he gets baskets. I think he’s the best NBA player in the world. Scores on all three levels, can defend with his athleticism and length and is becoming a winner even though his team has all stars.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


In five years, I can see myself playing at the highest level.  I’ve had goals since I could remember and I have not accomplished them all as of yet. My goal is to outwork the country, to some it may sound crazy, but to me it’s reality.


Any ideas on colleges you wanna visit soon?


In the upcoming years, I want to visit as many schools as I can. I want to see different schools brotherhoods and their preparation for the season, player development, and how schools can help me get to the next level. This can be schools from high to low, I’m just blessed to be able to attend school for free.  When I look back on things, I’m just a kid from Boston with a dream, and I’ve never taken that for granted.

Clarke currently has interest from schools like Indiana, UConn, Penn State, Duke, Villanova, Syracuse, and many others.



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